Bio + Press

Hello! I'm Brenna Giessen, creator and artist of Source + Summit Co.  I’m a self-taught artist living in Savannah, GA.  I'm deeply inspired by nature, colors and anything unique and imperfect.  Along with these things, I love to explore thoughts or emotions and portray them visually.  Most of my work is expressionist or abstract, but I prefer to focus more on the theme of a piece or collection which allows me to move freely between styles and mediums.  Acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and oil pastels on canvas, paper and wood are my mediums of choice.  My goal is to create something that evokes emotion and brings meaning to a space.

You can find more of my work at Anthropologie, 24e in Savannah, GA and Clutter in Savannah, GA.

 Styled by Emily Henderson blog

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine September 2015

Anthropologie Catalog Fall 2015 

Elle Decor 

Apartment Therapy